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Reone Brown, GRI

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Modular Homes: 5 Quick Tips About Modular Home

by Reone Brown, GRI 07/25/2022

When you’re exploring options for a new house, you might consider modular homes. These homes are built in factories, then transported and set up on pieces of land. A modular home might be a good option for you depending on factors, such as your time frame for getting a new house and your budget. If you’re thinking of purchasing a modular home, find out more about these types of houses. Keep the following in mind to help you decide if modular homes are the right choice for your situation.

Modular Homes Can Be Built Quickly

Since modular homes are made in factories, they’re able to be constructed quickly. When you purchase a modular home, you don’t have to deal with weather delays as you might with a stick-built or traditionally built home. Modular homes can be the right option if you need to move into a new house in a shorter time frame. Your new modular home might be ready in a matter of weeks instead of months, which can be more convenient for you.

Modular Homes Require a Purchased Lot

When buying a modular home, keep in mind that they need to go on a plot of land that you’ve purchased. Depending on where you live, you might not have your home placed in certain areas, such as in subdivisions. Once you have a purchased lot, you’ll need to add plumbing, electrical equipment and other systems to it for your modular home. Keep in mind that you’ll have to buy land before purchasing one of these homes.

Inspections Are Done During Construction

Modular homes rarely need a separate home inspection when they’re placed on your lot. These houses undergo inspections during the construction process at the factory. In fact, inspections are normally done for each building phase. Since these inspections are done by third-party inspectors, they are done fairly. Not having to wait to have an inspection done when your home is on your lot could mean that you’ll be able to move in sooner.

Modular Homes Are Not Mobile Homes

Modular homes are sometimes confused with mobile homes, but they are not the same. Mobile homes can be moved around from one piece of land to another. Modular homes have a foundation that they’re placed on, so they cannot be moved to a different location. Cranes are typically used to move each section or piece of a modular home into place when it’s done being built. Modular homes often provide more durability and value compared to mobile homes.

Some Modular Homes Have Customization Options

Modular homes might not seem customizable, since they’re built in factories. However, some modular home builders offer customization options. With these options, you might be able to add architectural details, change the layout of certain rooms, change your floor plan or add custom features. If you want to make sure you’re able to customize your modular home, research different modular home builders. This can ensure that you find a reputable, quality builder who offers customization options.